Tips For Custom Shirt Printing

Before you start designing a t-shirt for your business or brand, it is important to get a great design. The design should tell a story, fit in with your brand image, and look cool. To help ensure the design is effective, consider using an illustration, logo, or slogan. In addition to the design, consider the size and color. These factors will impact the cost of the shirt and the quality of the print. You can also have your logo and a slogan printed onto the t-shirt.Design & Print Custom Shirts | Make Your Own T-Shirt Design

Screen printing and DTG printing are the two main methods used for custom shirt printing Custom shirt printing
. Screen printing is the most popular method for small quantities and is the most cost-effective option. However, DTG printing is less cost-effective for large-scale orders as it does not use heat-press technology. Another technique that is great for large-scale orders is all-over printing. With all-over printing, the design covers the entire shirt. Water-based inks are most commonly used for this type of printing.

You can also use Kite’s free designing and printing services. Its software platform is the most sophisticated in the industry. It allows customers to order any number of t-shirts, upload any artwork, image, or logo, and receive the t-shirt within a few days. While this might be a bit expensive, it offers great quality and customer service. If you are a small business, this option may be too expensive.

When choosing a fabric for your custom shirt, make sure to consider your deadline. If your deadline is very tight, you should consider the printing and shipping time before ordering. If you’re under a tight time crunch, you can eliminate this step altogether by picking up your order from a local print shop. When choosing a fabric for your custom shirts, choose cotton or a 50% polyester/50 percent cotton blend. The latter is softer than cotton and is a crowd favorite. It is also more affordable.

While a graphic option is more affordable and lends itself to small production numbers, the artwork creation is a big cost. The art segment, for instance, may prefer custom artwork, but this option requires more work on the part of the customer. Customers may not have a specific image in mind and must rely on the artist’s skills. However, a customized shirt may help to retain customers. That is the goal of custom shirt printing.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is the latest and most modern method of apparel printing. This method allows you to print complex graphics and photos directly onto the fabric of the t-shirt. Unlike screen printing, DTG printing is faster and easier to use. The advantages of this method are that it requires no set up costs and can produce a high quality print in a short time. So, choose a printing method that fits your needs.

You should have a reliable delivery system in place. In order to have a successful online printing business, you must ensure your orders arrive on time and in good condition. For example, you may tie up with a logistics company to deliver your shirts to your customers. However, the printing studio should keep a team that ensures timely delivery of your shirts. That way, you can build your brand identity and gain profit. There are many advantages to online t-shirt printing.

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